This dedicated page provides the Working Group (WG) members with the materials needed to provide input to the development of Irelands Sustainable Finance Roadmap.

The combined report recommendations were used to formulate a full range of opportunities for Ireland to be a leader in sustainable finance. The reports are available for download. This is a private page, strictly not for sharing.

This paper provides an executive summary of the 5 technical reports below.

This document consolidates all the recommendations into a ‘universe of opportunities’ for review, discussion and filtering by the Working Groups.

The ESG data paper was conducted by the Green Digital Finance Alliance (GDFA). This paper aims to identify current ESG gaps in climate and nature related data and emerging best practices from countries such as the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands. Considering Irelands strengths and positioning, recommendations are also presented for ESG digital transformation.

This report was developed by Sustainable Finance Ireland and aims to identify the sustainable finance skills gap in the Irish financial services sector. The report identifies the drivers behind the need to upskill specific roles in the sector and the relevant availability of such courses to achieve this. Recommendations for improving the sustainable finance skills shortage are provided.

This report was conducted by the Maples Group. It assesses how Ireland’s legal system, both domestically and at an EU level affects sustainable finance. This report identifies the barriers and the opportunities that Ireland could pursue at a legislative level to enhance its competitiveness as a sustainable financial centre, and ultimately how Ireland can efficiently implement the EU’s Sustainable Action Plan. This report also reflects on what national legal systems are adopting to enhance their perception as sustainable financial centres, including Germany, Luxembourg and Canada. 

This assessment was conducted by UN FC4S to identify best practices in sustainable finance across 6 topics, policy framework; knowledge building; financial products; risk management; reporting and disclosure; and market consolidation. 37 roadmaps from around the world were analysed resulting in the identification of 75 best practices for consideration. Within the report the reader is signposted to the most relevant initiatives for their working group.

This report was jointly conducted by UN FC4S and PwC Paris, it is a stock take of Dublin’s credentials as a sustainable financial centre. Data was gathered by Sustainable Finance Ireland to populate a baseline assessment which UN FC4S distribute annually to member financial centres to assess their alignment with the Paris Agreement. The assessment covers 3 pillars, Institutional Foundations, Enabling Environment and Market Infrastructure. The analysis of data provided leads to a score rating between 0-5 across the 3 pillars. Recommendations to improve Irelands ranking are provided in the assessment.

Criteria of Assessment Template: This tool supports the members to  analyse, critique and filter the opportunities based on a set on criteria.

The National Sustainable Finance Roadmap is funded by Skillnet Ireland.