Ireland's 4th Annual Climate Finance Week

A highlight of a six month Irish ‘Road to COP26’ campaign, the theme of this year’s fourth Climate Finance Week Ireland is Financing the transition to Net Zero.’ And as we approach COP26 in November, private finance is required to help all companies realign their business models towards net-zero goals, funding transformative technology and innovations. Indeed, private finance has a vital part to play in the shift to a greener, more resilient economy and a fair climate transition for society, turning the billions committed to climate investment through public channels into trillions of total climate investment. With this in mind and in line with COP26, Climate Finance Week Ireland 2021 (CFWI21) will

  • Draw on private sector experience to inform policy priorities to address barriers curtailing business models’ net-zero transition, ensuring Ireland meets its own net-zero ambitions and plays its part in realising Europe’s. 
  • Build momentum behind financial sector efforts to deliver net-zero alignment commitments, by ensuring that every financial decision takes climate change into account.  
  • Through the lens of the COP26 Private Finance Strategy’s 4 Calls to Action – Reporting, Risk Management, Returns, and Mobilisation, explore their impact on Ireland’s financial eco-system.
  • Organise technical workshops to ensure Ireland’s financial sector can measure and manage climate-related financial risks. 
  • Assist investors seize the opportunities in the net-zero transition. 
  • Increase private capital flows to emerging and developing economies by promoting efforts to build green, sustainable capital markets at scale, including by bridging the gap between public and private finance.
  • Catalyse private investment in Ireland’s national sustainable development.  

Beyond Climate – the ESG agenda

As in previous years, CFWI21 will continue to articulate the risks and opportunities associated with the ESG agenda across banking, asset management, insurance, funds administration and asset owners. Events since the turn of 2020 have emphasized the interdependence of our economic and financial systems with nature and society and have strengthened the case for proper risk identification by demonstrating the impact of ESG risks on the financial system. During CFWI21, social and biodiversity issues which have in recent years moved from the ESG margins to the mainstream will also be explored. Along with data, fintech and disclosure issues, both topics will be key themes of discussion during CFWI21.  


CFWI21 is an output of government’s Ireland for Finance Action Plan 2021. To get involved or host an event during CFWI21, please contact Catherine Daly, CFWI21 Project Manager.

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Ireland's Road to COP 26

Climate Finance Week Ireland 2021 is part of Ireland’s Road to COP26 campaign. Taking place from the 1st – 12th November, the COP 26 Private Finance Strategy outlines key deliverables and actions for private finance, under the following four themes: Reporting, Risk Management, Returns and Mobilisation. An output of government’s Ireland for Finance Action Plan 2021, the Irish Road to COP26 campaign is aligned to these themes with the campaign working to ensure Irish financial sector COP26 readiness.